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‪#‎GREAT‬ ‪#‎JUST‬ #GREAT!!! The superb ‪#‎BrianWilson‬ – singer and co-founder of ‪#‎TheBEACHBOYS‬‘ and yes I mean the Great Beach Boys – favourited and shared my latest single ‪#‎OhMiami‬!’!!!! Can’t believe its true but oh yeah it is!! I messaged him about ‘Oh Miami!’ last summer and that it was inspired of what he and The Beach Boys where doing back in the 60’s with the surf-rock n’ roll etc….and 1 and half year later I found out that he favourited & re-posted on his profile on sound cloud!!! I’m happy as a smiley penguin – I know its odd but this is how I feel! Take a listen below…and share at will – lets warm up the weather a little bit shall we?