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‪#‎AWESOME‬ ‪#‎NEWS‬!!! 3 out of 3 tracks of mine that have created & sent recently are SUCCESSFUL and now in the hands of ‘RiTide Music’ (http://www.riptidemusic.com) – U.S. company that has placements on Films like: Mission Impossible, Terminator (genisys), The Wolf of Wall Street, etc..Grey’s Anatomy, Game of Thrones (Tv) etc…pretty happy about as all my 3 pieces that was asked for have gone through! They wanted: “Instrumental Cues that range from warm and comforting, to peaceful, to inspiring, and beyond! Imagine what you might hear while watching free-climbers scale a mountain in slow motion, or what you’d hear watching a fly-through shot of a lush forest.” Here is the latest of the 3 – Press Play below! Especially if you wanna chill!