| C-Drain
New C-DRAIN cover & sound! “Pink Floyd is one of my favorite bands of all time. ‘Wish you were here’ has been on repeat in my teenage years, especially on some lonely nights, so chose it to be the 1st song/release of the new & in the making Ep Album with covers.”

Statement: ‘With all the respect to the original, for me a cover to become a true cover needs to suggest something different. I approached it with this aesthetic shaping a more cinematic & dreamy/ambient-like soundscape. Changed, amongst other things, also the harmony a bit by altering the chords towards that sound & tuned to A=415Hz, as I usually prefer, for a more ‘earthy’ tone & vibe. Lyrically, ‘hanging over the same old ground’ instead of ‘running’, as for me ‘hanging’ suggests a more dreamy-like scenario, perhaps as it would in a Dali painting, remaining suspended.

Vocals & All instruments – Christos Pappas (C-DRAIN) Backing Vocals – Luna Dark Recorded, Mixed & Produced by Christos Pappas @ CPS Records Studio Mastered by Russ Hepworth-Sawyer (Motto Sound), UK Video created by the team of CPS Records Studio