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C-Drain’s new single ‘Oh Miami!’ released 24 June 2014 – Available in all major web-stores by CPS Records.
Oh Miami! Official Music Video – Out Now!!!

Directed by – Christos Tsamis. Special thanks to Chara Kolaiti.

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And the story goes:

Time to wax down that dusty old board and crack open the Malibu. If you’re looking for this year’s sound of the summer then look no further than ‘Oh Miami!’ the latest release from C-Drain on CPS Records. With its unique combination of classic surf guitar stylings, laid back reggae rhythms, and modern production vibe, it’s guaranteed to lift even the most downbeat of moods. ‘Oh Miami!’ will have you skanking and stomping the night away!

Official Release date: 24 June 2014 – Available in all major web-stores.

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