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#FRIDAY #JULY_14th C-DRAIN full band Live & Video Projections @ Its Kale Festival!
#ΠΑΡΑΣΚΕΥΗ #14_ΙΟΥΛΙΟΥ Ιτς Καλέ, Ιωάννινα – ένα ιδιαίτερο & ατμοσφαιρικό live με νέα τραγούδια απο τον δίσκο που έρχεται, τα πρόσφατα summer hit singles, αλλά και “πειραγμένες” διασκευές αγαπημένων καλλιτεχνών με πολλή δόση Αγγλίας αλλά και Αμερικής, indie αισθητική, alternative διαδρομές αλλά και rock n’ roll διάθεση! Σας καλούμε σε ένα οπτικοακουστικό ταξίδι, μια διάδραση των αισθήσεων και μιά ζωντανή μουσική παράσταση με φόντο βιντεοπροβολές σε ολόκληρη την πρόσοψη του βυζαντινού μουσείου σάν ένα “άλλο” σινεμά με το stage και την μπάντα μπροστά του..!

Facebook Event:  C-Drain Live! Its Kale Festival



#CDRAIN #LIVE on #GREEK #TV #ERT2 TUE 27 June! Check out the #videobelow with my #New #songs – some from the new up-coming EP Album recording right now – 1st time broadcasted & a favourite cover #Blue_Monday#New_Order from my latest release ‘#Covers_Unplugged‘ EP Album! Feel free to #SHARE! Great fun!  #NEXT BIG C-DRAIN LIVE – FRIDAY 14 JULY #IOANNINA #CASTLE – #ITS_KALE FESTIVAL!!! 43 degrees in Athens and counting…!





Την επόμενη #ΠΕΜΠΤΗ 15 Ιουνίου τα λέμε με μουσικές και εικόνες στον Κήπο του Νομισματικού Μουσείου!

(είσοδος ελεύθερη, διάθεση επίσης!)




TODAY WED 18/1/17 #On_Air @ #ERT_RADIO 103,7 & 102,9 FM 5:30pm (3:30 UK) All over Greece Interviewed & broadcasting 1st Time the ‘Covers Unplugged’ Ep we released & got on #TOP_6 (english lyric) & on #TOP_20 of all 2016 Albums! Listen online @

Σήμερα Τετάρτη 18/1/17 ζωντανά στην #ΕΡΤ #Δεύτερο_πρόγραμμα 103,7 & 102,9 FM και στην TV (ψηφιακό ραδιόφωνο) στις 5:30 – 1η πανελλαδική μετάδοση του νέου μας CD ‘Covers Unplugged’ που είναι στα TOP 6 Αγγλόφωνα του 2016 και στο TOP 20 όλων των κυκλοφοριών του 2016, θα τα πούμε ζωντανά με τον Πάνο Χρισοστόμου στην εκπομπή ρόκ συναναστροφές! Τα λέμε On Air!


PARTICIPATING IN 17th INTERNATIONAL BIENNALE IN MILAN REPRESENTING GREECE! A bit of weight on my shoulders and big statement I know but its true! Participating in 2 projects – as Music Producer in the one, and also with the ahort-movie ‘I’m just decorative’ by Christos Tsamis on which I wrote the Music! Was great experience and also meeting all other artists from the Greek team but also from other counties…A bit on the downside about the organisation – should be more promoted but I keep the good memories – selective memory mode on!





‪#‎MUSIC_FOR_THEATRE_SOUNDTRACK‬ – This is the soundtrack for the ‘Romantic Scene’ with Sonia & Raskolnikov (Press Play Below!). Part of the music I composed & produced for the well-known play ‘Crime & Punishment’ by F. Dostoyevsky (Εγκλημα & Τιμωρια). Premiered in Athens, Greece on 3 April 2015, last Friday I was there, the hall was packed with people and great feel to be in the front row & listening to my music and watching the premiere! Congrats to the actors for their performance and the director Andreas Zafeiris and assistant Deja Green & team – really enjoyed being part of this!!! 

Press Play Below:

‪#‎MUSIC_FOR_THEATRE‬ – Finished composing and producing music for a play – Crime & Punishment (F. Dostoyevsky). Had to go at the rehearsals – its interesting figuring out the tempo between actors’ lines and getting inspired by watching them perform..! Its a cool team btw and the play is directed by Andreas Zafeiris…was a bit under pressure, had to do everything in a week – All the scenes, as was informed quite lately that “oh! the premiere is in 2 weeks Christos”!!! (that is next wk) Will post some music later – meanwhile here are some pics from the rehearsals!

 IMG_1346 IMG_1350 IMG_1354 IMG_1344

This is a new groove version for my new-age/ambient piece (Blue Dream) that I created and produced for a Los Angeles based Video Production Company that specializes in Action Sports Videos and asked for new age instrumentals that have an AMBIENT and DREAMY vibe that can add the perfect JUXTAPOSITION to a high energy Sports Film!

Though it was the first time I composed a new age/ambient piece, ‘blue dream’ was successful! This is the new version that I spiced up a little with a minimal groove and deep atmospheric drum.

© 2013, Christos Pappas – All rights reserved.

With lines like: …”THIS COULD BE THE METROPOLIS’ NEXT THEME SONG”…!!!! SUPER COOL REVIEW for ‘Oh Miami!’ by Music Emissions (USA)!!! Check it out below..Drinks on me..!!!


Acoustic Live set with my new songs on its way!!! We had our 1st Acoustic rehearsal with Chris -my bass player-last week on his attic in South London and sounded good, neighbors didn’t complain..we’re going to present it live soon so stay tuned!Also made an acoustic version of ‘So What?’ and must say its got some Hawaiian elements in it, Aloha!!!

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