| New Production

#GREAT to see my new songs on Emily Dickinson’s #official sites in the #USA with over 100 re-shares in one day & many many good comments on – one really exceptional by Dickinson’s #family member and owner – Kandice Dickinson: ‘it is very evident (your inspiration) in the way that you set her words, Christos, enhancing their meaning, which is not an easy thing to do as a composer – bravo!’ I would never imagine that this would happen when was composing & singing a month ago these tracks and that would affect like this all these people across the pond! Part of my #new #CD #RELEASE – see below!
Click on image & press play on top left to #Listen ! C U tonight MON 20/11/17 @ 9pm LIVE on Theatre Argo, Athens where I perform this on stage! PLAY & Soundtrack: A mad man’s Diary’ by Lou Xsoun directed by : Avgoustinos Remoundos