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Acoustic Live set with my new songs on its way!!! We had our 1st Acoustic rehearsal with Chris -my bass player-last week on his attic in South London and sounded good, neighbors didn’t complain..we’re going to present it live soon so stay tuned!Also made an acoustic version of ‘So What?’ and must say its got some Hawaiian elements in it, Aloha!!!

Busy in the studio here in London from last week creating the new song: ‘Crazy World’ and sounding good!!! Also rehearsals with the band started again with a surprise in – more to announce soon, meanwhile here is how I started and we met with ‘So What?’, a summer-driving track in the middle of the winter – good combination trust me!!!

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CPS Records page/site is launched! You can take a tour here : CPS Records and find current releases, a short bio of the label and contacts if you’d like to get in touch and drop a line. Lastly but not least, CPS Records announced the new release: C-Drain’s debut single ‘So What?’- to be released on 26 June 2013. Will be available in all major web-stores for digital download by CPS Records.

CPS Records

Cheers to you all first 100 who liked my new page since I launched it last week and you got my debut song’s 100 free copies! My Debut Single ‘So What?’ is to be released on 26/6/13 by CPS Records & will be Available in All Major Web-Stores itunes, amazon etc. !Here’s the 1 min. preview of the song! Spread the word if you want! Cheers, C-Drain.


My Debut Single ‘So What?’ to be released on 26/6/13 by CPS Records will be Available in all major web-stores! Have a listen to the 1 min. preview of the song below – if you like it and want to have it for free – just press like on my facebook page (cdrainmusic) and message me your email address there (private message) – Done! It’s going to be sent to your email free for the first 100! – Few copies left!!!

It’s cool to hear that my new project’s C-Drain debut single ‘So What?’ is ON AIR since last Monday in USA Radio! It started in Chicago (I believe they played it first) on full gamut radio & got really good feedback from the producers there. This is only the start for C-Drain!

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Hey Everybody, happy to say that my new project ‘C-Drain’ debut single ‘So What?’ is about to launch on facebook the coming Monday 10/6! Will be a 1 minute preview of the song there and the first of you who will press like on the page and message me (privately) there your email address will get the single mp3 for free and way before the release date on 26th of June – will be available in all major web-stores itunes,amazon etc. by CPS Records! Some of you already visited and liked the page – thanks!

Happy to announce that my new project C-Drain is ready to launch and it’s going to be released soon by CPS Records!More to announce soon – at the moment can say that is a debut single called ‘So What?’ which is summer-driving song!!!

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