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I have a massive headache after this as in one & half day had to compose and produce for first time a Greek/Turkish music solo (eastern-sounding) instrumental piece with traditional elements called ‘Istanbul’s flair’ and a Chinese music solo instrumental as-well! In the 1st I used a Saz-Lute and in the 2nd a Chinese Guzheng Zither (VST instrument)! Had to listen for 3 hours Chinese traditional music in you-tube to get an idea and then had to write it straight as no time for the deadline! It’s good that Chinese use pentatonic scales with some microtones/bends in between with which I’m very familiar with from some Greek traditional tunes of Epirus as Clarinet bends between the notes. For the other luckily I’m very keen to Eastern-sounding pieces quite a-lot and played some in the past with bouzouki and tzouras and so I’m pleased to say that both pieces are on their way to L.A. for a Production Music company creating travel Tv shows around the world!!! PS: After all that I had Chinese for dinner!!!

PS: I’ll post both here soon!