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Thats pretty interesting to do a cover of GNR’s a’sweet child o’ mine’ I use to love as youngster! I’ve been asked to deliver a kids-friendly version of a top 40 pop-rock song back from the 80’s till now and more a laid back production- I chose to do this one and used my acoustic guitars some synths as pads female oohs and some plucked toy-piano to play the main riff as long as some other staff & percussions…also sang on it – I never thought that I could make my voice sounding that soft!! Anyway editing it now and mixing it tonight – probs deliver it tomorrow. I enjoyed it so far very much as had also to listen to kids-friendly music on you tube to get an idea of the production..they didn’t look for anything lullaby or “Old MacDonald” staff which made it more interesting and harder I guess to approach it production-wise!